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Please gamers odin needs a new terrarium his life has been hard enough !




I liked it up to when they used the Lord's name in vain.


Excellent and playing on a odyssey with emuvr.Jesusavesouls !

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I played up to the point where Micheal rides away on his bike in the park and I am absolutely in love with this little game. I can't wait to play more of it!

Under the game's info box, it says that its status is on "Prototype". Is the game still be developed further or is this a demo or what?

Also who made the music? They did a fantastic job!


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it! Indeed the game is a prototype, there are still quite a few bugs and extra polishing needed and we're actively working on it (we post some updates there from time to time: A lot has been improved already, and we hope to release the final version soon-ish. The music was made by 0xA (old website: new website to be online later this year) and we will make the Famitracker file available.

not on windows? 


Hi! This is a game for the NES/Famicom 8-bit consoles. You can play it on Windows, but you need an emulator, a type of software that can be used to run software from other systems. In this particular case, for Windows, we recommend to use FCEUX. You can download it for free here: With FCEUX you can open the file whatremain.nes and start playing! More instructions to configure the emulator can be found on their site.


ah I see, thanks!