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It is 1986. You just came home from a skate session when a video game cartridge falls into your hands. Excited to find out what it contains, you visit your friend who just got a Nintendo for Christmas. You quickly insert the cartridge and a strange list of encrypted files appears... As the story unravels, your life in Sunny Peaks transforms dramatically, and you start uncovering a dark secret threatening everyone. But no despair, your best friend is by your side... as well as a very helpful cat.

What Remains is an 8-bit game for the emblematic 1985 NES console, blending visual novel and adventure elements in a story translating real events from the 80s into an epic quest to save the world.

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Installation Instructions

This is a game for the Nintendo NES and Famicom 8-bit consoles. Play it in your favourite NES/Famicom emulator or on original hardware with a PowerPak, EverDrive N8, or by making your own cartridge (see https://moddingfridays.bleu255.com/What_Remains_Cartridge).

Recommendations for NES/Famicom emulators for popular operating systems:


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whatremains-1.0.2.nes (Final 2020 version) 512 kB


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I finished the game and it was so fun ! Really nice graphics and really fun story i like it ! Thanks for this game !


I review this game well enough, and here's the below;

Through the beginning and the middle, I enjoyed the gameplay and exploration with themes of technology, 1980s-era, and political issues at first, but I didn't get more people because of the timer before the end credit. Afterwards, I thought it was bad because of the ending before I quit playing and again I changed my mind, after watching the end credit, it's a false ending, and find it hilarious. So I continued playing again and straight to the end. Overall, this game is amazing and enjoyable about the story and design, but this is my favorite game at the time and play it again soon.

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everytime i run the game it doesn't do anything after the part where she says she ate luck charms cereal or something. what do i do??

Sounds like either you have a defective controller or emulator :) If you give us more info we can help!


An eco thriller about two kids, a mysterious NES cartridge and some strange goings on in their neighbourhood. Rad soundtrack too.

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Great game, definitely has that Stranger Things vibe.
4/5 stars, would be five except:

* Saying G** dammit in several texts
* Maze with terrible bkg music I had to turn off (reminds me of a team rocket basement though)
* One scientist promotes Marxism (talks about class warfare, etc...)


Right after the class warfare line they tell said scientist to calm down, so they're clearly joking about people who take it a step too far and forget the original goals.


It's not often you see a NES homebrew here on Itch. And a "visual novel"/adventure combo? Yippee! I'm not sure I'll finish, but they put some solid work into it. Was a little startled by the "God damn it" (Not sure kid ecowarriors who eat Lucky Charms and live in the 80s would say that, but then, I wasn't breathing yet then, so I don't know.) Has some thought-provoking messages about environmental care, and some humorous culture references, and is worth playing for those reasons. I'm a bit curious about what software was used to assemble this. Probably NES Maker or something like that.

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Thanks for the feedback :)

We developed our own custom framework for this project. The main tool is already released and the source code of the game itself will follow eventually.

If you're interested in the research context for the project, this essay could be interesting (WARNING: contains spoilers)


I love anything 80's themed. This is part 1 of my let's play!!




I liked it up to when they used the Lord's name in vain.


Not everyone in the world abides by the third commandment. Such is life.


Excellent and playing on a odyssey with emuvr.Jesusavesouls !

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I played up to the point where Micheal rides away on his bike in the park and I am absolutely in love with this little game. I can't wait to play more of it!

Under the game's info box, it says that its status is on "Prototype". Is the game still be developed further or is this a demo or what?

Also who made the music? They did a fantastic job!


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it! Indeed the game is a prototype, there are still quite a few bugs and extra polishing needed and we're actively working on it (we post some updates there from time to time: https://twitter.com/remwhat). A lot has been improved already, and we hope to release the final version soon-ish. The music was made by 0xA (old website: https://archive.bleu255.com/0xA/ new website to be online later this year) and we will make the Famitracker file available.

not on windows? 


Hi! This is a game for the NES/Famicom 8-bit consoles. You can play it on Windows, but you need an emulator, a type of software that can be used to run software from other systems. In this particular case, for Windows, we recommend to use FCEUX. You can download it for free here: http://www.fceux.com. With FCEUX you can open the file whatremain.nes and start playing! More instructions to configure the emulator can be found on their site.


ah I see, thanks!

Oh! My earlier comment was a question, but you have answered! Thanks!

Glad you could find the answer eventually :)
(We removed your old question)