What Remains 1.0.1 released!

What Remains 1.0.1

Here is a small bugfix update! This version fixes two things:

  • A small text glitch that was discovered during a public presentation/play in London a couple of weeks ago (see https://twitter.com/remwhat/status/1146398897906081792). It was not a big deal, but hey, it's fixed now :)
  • Much more annoying was a bug with NMI interrupts in MMC1 switch. Even though this was not a problem with emulators and flashcarts, the game was crashing a lot on hardware cartridges making use of the MMC1B2 and MMC1B3 variants produced by NEC. It was working perfectly fine with the MMC1B2 from Sharp, and because all of our protos were making use of this variant, we never noticed the issue. That means that we're all good for the hardware recycling part of the project and can now start making the final cartridges!


whatremains-1.0.1.nes 512 kB
Jul 20, 2019

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